Change and Resilience - Gael Gordon & Gina Munro

  • 26 October 2021
  • Nelson Tasman Business Trust

Change and Resilience - Gael Gordon & Gina Munro

Gael had been living in Nelson for only a short time before Covid hit and turned her world completely upside down. Knowing only 3 people in Nelson, the possibility of forming a bubble wasn’t an option. Gael quickly discovered that living alone without the ability to connect physically with her closest friends and loved ones, brought its own challenges. With borders closed and domestic travel off-limits, her fledgling business was entirely wiped out.  

For the first time ever, she found herself accepting a government handout. Yet, through it all, Gael found tools and practices that, with each setback, enabled her to rise up and grow more into higher aspects of herself.  

As this conversation unfolds, Gina invites Gael to share how, even in the face of significant adversity and external influences beyond her control, there were always ways she could regain a semblance of normality and regain her own power. Watch and enjoy this informal and sometimes raw conversation where Gael talks of the ripple effect and the impact this can have on those around us.

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