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  • 23 April 2020
  • Nelson Tasman Business Trust

Judy Celmins on our Zoom session this morning.


Read on for practical insights on marketing your businesses right now....

In this short post I share three key points from our thought provoking online discussion with Judy Celmins today - although there are many more!  Judy is the Business and Marketing Manager at Engage4Insights. She is first and foremost a marketer with a love of understanding why people buy so you can create innovation that excites them. Judy got us thinking about the tone of communications to customers and how to cut through the noise in this topsy turvy time. Link HERE to the full video or again at the end of this post.

1. Treat your Customers like Friends and Family

Current customer research data is showing that your customers want to hear from you – they want to know you are ok. Small businesses have a unique opportunity to show their human side right now. Think of your customers as part of your wider family or friends network. Let them know how you are, what you’ve been working on behind the scenes, how you are helping your community or how you want to create value for them when you can engage more fully again.

2. Avoid Cliches

‘We are here for you', or 'we are here to help’….what does that even mean? Right now there is a lot of noise so avoid cliches. Also stay away from long waffly posts, be clear and direct and real.

3. Tone of Communications

Warm, caring, short. Use warmth, it’s ok to show ‘weakness’. Emphasise safety and connect with real stories. A bit of humour is ok too - be the person that brings lightness.

There was so much more in this great talk by Judy, but a final point that stood out to me was that this is not a time to sit back. Even though there is a lot of noise at the moment, connect to your customers (using all the available channels you have). Be patient with them - with so much going on our brains are currently being overloaded and re-wired, but most will want to hear from you, especially if you keep in mind some of the practical tips that Judy mentions. 


Even if you were on the Zoom call today (part of our Biz Coffee Break series while in Level 4 lockdown), I think you’ll get new nuggets out of this as you listen again....

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