Become a Superstar Salesperson for Your Business

  • 26 June 2017
  • Nelson Tasman Business Trust

On Tuesday at noon, the NTBT hosted a presentation by Jean L Barr on how to “Become a Superstar Sales Person in Your business”. Jean has had many years in sales and travelled all the way from Christchurch to pass on some of her wisdom and advice to the Nelson business community.

Jean began her presentation with two main points. The first is that if you are in business, then you are in sales. It does not matter what your position within a company is, the end result of your labor is to produce a greater number of sales or to make them more efficient. The second point that Jean made is that people do not buy a product, they buy other people.

To drive home the second point Jean outlined the four basic types of communicators (relators, socializers, analyzers, and directors) and demonstrated the proper way to build a relationship and rapport with each.

The remainder of the presentation was full of tips on how to build better relationships with your customers and productivity tips which revolved primarily around the need for businesses to concentrate on building good relationships with a few key customers as opposed to bad or fleeting relationships with many.

At the end of the presentation, Jean held a question and answer session, answering audience queries on sales issues within their particular fields.

Jean Barr, CEO & Director -  Top Achievers Sales Training

+64 21 2171663 

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